When to Call a Foundation Specialist

A foundation specialist is a professional who repairs and restores the structural integrity of homes, buildings, and industrial machinery. They have a comprehensive understanding of the principles of engineering and are able to identify problems and determine their causes. Moreover, they can also develop and implement appropriate repair strategies.

If you own a residential or commercial property in NYC, it’s imperative to keep track of its foundational condition. This helps you to avoid costly repairs and maintain a well-functioning building. Stair-step cracking, leaning walls, and sagging floors are all signs of foundational issues that should never be ignored. A trusted foundation specialist can perform various types of repair methods to resolve these problems and restore your custom home or business back to its original state.

When to call a foundation specialist

Although a structural engineer can perform some of the same functions as a foundation specialist, the latter can spot more subtle issues that aren’t as obvious. These can include doors that won’t open or close correctly due to foundation shifts, and water damage caused by improper drainage or faulty construction.

Regardless of whether you live in a single-family house, townhouse, or a manufactured home, it’s important to have your foundation regularly inspected. The best time to do so is right after the completion of your home, so you’ll be aware of any problems and can have them repaired before they worsen. You can also get a foundation inspection when you’re thinking about buying a new or used home, so you can factor any potential repair costs into your offer.…